Voltion SX2 Propositions
Voltion SX2 Scooter Technical Features

Voltion SX2 - Detailed Parts

Voltion SX2 Scooter Detailed Parts

Advanced Motor Technology

Voltion SX2's hub motor is specially developed to be high-torque, high-powered yet lightweight, giving you an enjoyable riding experience. Feel the force with 2*250W motors which can get up to speed of around 25km/h and climbing angle up to 25°. The 36v battery can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours. You can adjust motor mode to "single" or "dual motor" riding options.

Voltion SX2 Dual Motor - 25° Climbing Power

Practical, Simple Dashboard Built in Wiring Design

Multifunctional HD LED display provides you all the data about your trips. Upgraded Electronic Braking System(EBS) offers you safe riding opportunity even for unexpected circumstances.

Voltion SX2 Scooter Dashboard

750 Lumen Light & Melodious Horn

Voltion SX2 features ultra bright headlight with 750 lumen power in order to provide you better view where you’re going at dawn/dusk. Perfect blend of sound and light. Built-in horn with melodious ring.

Voltion SX2 Scooter Horn and Light
  • Build-in Brake on Rear Fender & Rear Light

    Red taillight flashes distinctly while breaking as a warning to pedestrians and vehicles on the road. It also increases your scooter's visibility to the other riders and drivers around you.

    Voltion SX2 scooter rear light
  • Extremely Portable and Extra Safe

    Voltion SX2 scooter's patented 2-step folding mechanism ensures its unparalleled compactness and provides an extra safe ride. You can easily pack several scooters in the trunk and still have room for your other favorite items.

    Voltion SX2 Scooter Folding Mechanism
  • USB Charging Port

    Make your trip easy and never miss any message. You can charge your electronic devices by plugging in them to SX2's USB port.

    Voltion SX2 scooter usb charging port
  • Suspension System and 5.5" Solid Tires

    Durable tubeless 5.5" tires won't go flat and provide anti-slip treads. Cutting-edge suspension system features great shock absorption.

    Voltion SX2 scooter suspension system

Red Reflective Stickers

You can use the reflective stickers which are provided to you with your scooter. These stickers increase your scooter's visibility while you are riding at dawn/dusk. It is very easy to print or remove these.

The Ultimate Commuter Electric Scooter

Ultralight and sturdy frame with only 11.5 kg light weight, very compact, easy to carry and use. Perfect for fun, recreation, commuting to school or work.
The compact Voltion SX2 could be stored easily under an office desk, in a gym locker, under a coffee shop chair or by your feet on a commuter train/metro.

Voltion SX2 dual motor scooter 11.5 kg

Product Focus

Voltion SX2 Dual Motor Carbon Fiber Scooter
  • Max Load - 120kg.

    You can load your scooter up to 120 kg. Its dual motor will provide you a smooth ride up to 120kg.

  • Max Speed - 25km/h

    Voltion SX2 has 3 gears and offers you 25km/h

  • Max Milage - 30km

    Smart battery system provides you a ride up to 30km per a charge.

  • Net Weight - 11.5kg

    Voltion SX2 is the lightest dual motor scooter in the World! Extra powerful and extra light.

Smart Battery Technology and Solid Body

High-end Voltion SX2 scooter is equipped with a 10.4 AH high capacity LG battery, it will ensure distances of up to 30 km riding after a 4-5 hour charge. It is made of strong carbon fiber and Aerospace-grade aluminium(deck and battery cell box), and can bear a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Stands by Kickstand

Unique design kickstand feature helps the scooter stands on its own.

Voltion SX2 dual motor scooter kickstand

Technical Specifications


Material:  Carbon Fiber + Aerospace-grade aluminium

Max Speed:  25 km/h*

Endurance:  30 km*

Weight:  11.5 kg

Battery:  LG Lithium Battery Block

Climbing Angle:  25°

Output power:  500W of continuous, 1000W instantaneous output

Max Load:  120 kg

Charging Time:  4-5 hours

Tyre Size:  5.5 inch 

Unfolding Size(cm):  116 x 94 x 13

Folding Size(cm):  107 x 23 x 12

*Maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h due to EU traffic regulations.

*Endurance may vary due to riding conditions and rider’s weight.


Package Content

Voltion SX2 Dual Motor 


User Manual

Voltion SX2 dual motor scooter technical features


I bought this couple of weeks ago for my son to get to work on. It is so fun that I bought another one for myself. 

(James L. - London)

I really love my Scooter. I'm a 35-year-old man that uses it to go to work instead of walking, and it saves me a lot of time every day. Within a week of buying the scooter and beginning to use it I had 3 or 4 people stop me, asking where it came from and how much they could buy it for. I would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone who asks.

(Stephan C. - Brighton)

This scooter was very easy to put together and adjust to fit. I use it to go back and forth to the supermarket. The store is about 5 miles away with a 1/2 mile hill and in a single charge, I can make 2 trips with ease.

(Johanna R. - Dublin)

I have only had my scooter for a short time, but am really impressed with its construction. I am 105 kgs and it moves me around as if I were 70 kgs. Well made!

(Marco D. - Birmingham)

Arrived before estimated delivery date! thank you. Powerful, sturdy, charge port is located on the deck behind a rubber cap. I am almost 92 kgs and rode fine, fast and powerful. Right lever for acceleration and left lever for brakes. After 1 hour of continuous riding, the battery still had about 3/4 charge left. Excellent, everyone enjoys riding this! Lots of fun

(Paolo M. - Edinburgh)

Beautiful design, easy to use, nice price!

(Renan D. - Bournemouth)